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Not just because I heartily dislike almost every book we study (Tess of the motherfucking d'Urbervilles is the bane of my life) , but because it makes me analyse EVERYTHING.

I'm currently reading 'The Blade Itself' by Joe Abercrombie, and it's a fantastic book, but - let's be honest - it's not breaking any literary ground, and there's not so much to analyse. But still I find myself looking for patterns in his choice of diction, symbolism and imagery, how he uses structure, form, and language form meaning and character, how he differentiates the narrative voice between characters... It's driving me mad D':

(Speaking of history books, I got a lovely little book about English medieval social history, published in 1942, and only 50p in a second-hand bookshop! It's so great (': )

Even so, I suppose this is all good practice for the exam. A 2000 word essay on a poem or piece of prose I've never seen before in my life? ):
Western of the day: True Grit (1969)

Awwwh yeah. Firstly, the colour of film is this one was very good, a nice break from modern gritty-brown-grey films; the scenery was bewdiful, and as they did a lot of riding around across fields and shiz, that was useful ;D I thought the music was the standard classic-Western fare, all epic and strings drummin' and possibly some brass too! As for the film, it was very good, long but not noticeably - about 2 hours - and it was surprisingly quite witty (owing mostly to drunk!John Wayne and some charming one-liners).

Rooster was therefore awesome, Mattie was astoundingly not annoying until the end where she started whacking a rattlesnake with a stick (SERIOUSLY? DID YOU WANT IT TO BITE YOU?), and LaBoeuf called himself La Beef (+5 points) and came from McLennan County in Texas (+infinite win.) My last name is McLennan, awwwwwh yeaaaaaaaah (and it's a real place!)
(also on Country Tracks this morning they were in Scotland saying something about McLennans in the early 1900s or something... that was really weird)

So~o, overall, it gets four-and-a-half stars! 

Even though now I know the ending, and that was why I didn't want to watch this one first, I 'm still wanting to see the new one (because I love Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon anywaaay) and comparing! Though I have heard they're different, so I won't be disappointed either way (': 

What'll be on next week? Who knows! I'm excited!
Western of the day: Ride Clear of Diablo (1954)
So I caught this on Channel Five earlier this afternoon, putting off history notes as usual. I do like myself a good old fifties Western, though I have seen some sodding awful ones (The Tall T? Wtf was that about?) but this one was one of the good 'uns!
Actually coherent plot with nice twist (well, I liked it), quite sweet hero, odd but likeable anti-hero/sidekick, standard wimpy girl and slick bad guys. Nice horses. Kate had nice dresses.

I give it four stars!

I also watched the fourth bit of Into The West because they're replaying it on Saturday afternoons (<3<3<3) , but that only doesn't get this award because it's not technically a film )': Still absolutely excellent, still trying to find a cheap box-set of it... love it so much ;A;

Tomorrow's Western: the original True Grit, because I didn't get to see the new one in the cinema and the 'rents found it cheap in HMV (': I avoided watching it before but as I'm waiting for the DVD of the new one, I'll watch this one first!


The Assassin's Creed games have, imo, some of the best game soundtracks in years (the Red Dead Redemption OST is in the same class, it's cool). I just got around to getting myself the Brotherhood OST, and while not as good as the AC2 one, it's still rather impressive - and this is one of the best pieces on it. Needless to say,  because my Ezio is good at pissing guards off and not so patient at fighting, I heard this one a lot in my playthrough.
<3 Jesper Kyd (':


"Congratulations; The University of Warwick has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for History, V100; starting in October 2011."

WAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I HAVE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS! It's in the top five for History at university in the country, 92 places with over 2000 applicants, and I've got a place! I've got a place!


New project

Towards the end of last year I came across a load of 'thing-a-day' blogs, where someone had decided to make something every day in a theme and record their attempts. As it was near the end of their projects, a lot of them were saying how beneficial they'd found it, and how fun it had been; so I decided to have a go myself!
I didn't actually think of my theme until February so I have started late, but I'm now on day 9 and so I present...


If anyone has any suggestions I would totally be open to them (((:

~sortofrecommendation of the week!~

Best song off the new Girugamesh album ;D
On the whole, it's not as good as NOW, it's nowhere near as good as MUSIC, but GO is... reasonable. There's a lot of weak songs on there, unfortunately, but there's a couple of excellent ones that hearken back to the good old days (': I think it's good enough for a listen, but proobably not good enough for a purchase. (Especially since now I need to get two A Day To Remember albums and City & Colour's newest offering! D': )


~recommendation of the week~ mellowing out

... which is not weekly, but shut up. D;

Been listening to a crazy amount of City & Colour recently after getting the new(est) Alexisonfire album a couple of months ago... Dallas Green is my absolute hero <3
Bearded Ezio: yes.
Shirtless Ezio: yes.
Both combined: YES.

Mostly felt like a collecting exercise with the flags and treasures, and the tiny little side-missions made it impossible to stop playing (just one more!) but were kinda unfulfilling. Lairs of Romulus are fun; parachuting is so great; Cesare is awesome in a deranged kinda way. Proud of my little Assassins, even if I didn't use them much; sad that the tension between Ezio and Claudia never really got sorted out; the last Memory Sequence and Desmond section were very nice, but Sequence 8 was as bad as that part in Prototype where all your powers get taken away.

Ending was insane. Sat for five full minutes just staring at the screen.

So, it just felt like an add-on to AC2, and it did get a bit tiresome...

But I'll never say no to Ezio!

I wrotesed an epic.

(It's not meant to be taken seriously)

The knight rode on with hope unbound
Through rain and sleet and snow
Up to the mountain cruel and bleak
Where others dared not go.
He rode with sword and lance and shield...Collapse )